Standing Out In The Crowd Shouldn't Break The Bank!

MustDestroyJewellery was born in mid 2007.

After trawling the local - and not so local shops - for unusual jewellery, I started to get fed up with either finding nothing I liked or having to pay a small fortune for something that everyone and her aunt were probably wearing.

I wanted something that was different and I decided to do it myself!

I made a few pieces for myself and then made gifts for friends and family. Interest grew and eventually I had so many people requesting items I decided I try to see if there was interest further afield.

A Facebook fan page was set up as was a small online store and an ebay shop.

The rest is history!

I do most of my selling online, although I have in the past held jewellery parties and stalls at local music venues.

All items (with a few exceptions) are completely made by myself from hand - while I take time to make sure each and every item is as near perfect as possible., there is still the chance of a few slight imperfections due to the nature of the materials used.

Thank you for visiting my little shop - I hope you enjoy your jewellery a much as I did making it.

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